TOMFORD| This is what you should buy now


The Baap of all fashion Ad Tomford made it again, this guy knows how to beautify sex and how to create a fine line between sexy and ugly. Always dream to watch them working crazy and make us happy sexy fashion Ad.

This is not the first time when Tomford has used bold and sexy images to endorse their collections. Throughout his creative career, he's credited with bringing the sexy back to Grand-brands like Gucci and Saint Laurent, and launching a super sexier one TOM FORD. In addition to his memorable collections, he helped to create some pretty iconic (and at times, downright raunchy) imagery to complement them.

And we all know "how really Sexuality works"


We love you TOM !!



Paris has alway been the dream destination for all the global travellers, and I am sure I amd not the exceptional on that. I love the Paris and always wantted to the visit this beautiful city and make my document of all the experiences. 

The greta part of the city is always gorgous a .. Read More